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Older Adult /Active Aging - Home Study/Online

This BCRPA/CFES approved Home Study/Online Course will look at the special factors which influence older adult physical fitness and health. This course prepares  fitness leaders for successful expansion of their fitness business to include older adults.


Content: Anatomical, physiological, emotional, social , nutritional, program design, exercise modifications, health impact on acitivity and  much, much more. The workbook  and quizzes must be completed and returned for assessment. A 80% mark on all quizzes and workbook must be attained in addition to successfully passing the BCRPA examination and ICE. Certification is available with other organizations including CFES.

 This course is confirmed as 16 CEC's for BCRPA & CFES.

Date & Time: This Home-Study/Online course can begin at any time.

Fee: $229.00 - This fee includes workbook, quizzes & exercise modification assignment.

For BCRPA certification  each student must  complete the BCRPA online examination and ICE (instructor competency evaluation). Other organizations including CFES have approved this course for cec's and certification purposes which also includes examination + instructor practical examination.

Registration: online at www.DrLukeFitnessandHealth.ca


    Email: bluke@twu.ca or 604-785-7621

Refund Policy: refunds are not available for online/homestudy courses as all materials and course content has been forwarded to the student upon payment.

Online/homestudy students are welcome to attend any in-class older adult course that fits into their schedule at no additional fee. Pre-registration is required.



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